Claudia Haase

Claudia Haase is an Assistant Professor in the Human Development and Social Policy program at the School of Education and Social Policy, an Assistant Professor (by courtesy) at the Department of Psychology, and a faculty associate at the Institute of Policy Research at Northwestern University. Claudia is the Director of the Life-Span Development Lab.

You can find more information on her personal website and her faculty website.




Graduate Students

Ryan Svoboda

Ryan Svoboda is a PhD student in the Human Development and Social Policy Program in the School of Education and Social Policy and a Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences Fellow through the Institute of Education Sciences. His research examines the interplay between identity, motivation, and emotion as pathways to support and promote student achievement. He uses both laboratory and field experiments as well as longitudinal studies to examine the relationship between these psychological beliefs and student achievement. Recent work includes a longitudinal study examining the association between parental education and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and technology) course-taking in high school and college and how this relationship is partially explained by parents’ and students’ motivation and identity beliefs regarding STEM. Other projects include a lab study examining achievement and power motives as predictors of work motivation and a parent-centered intervention designed to boost discussions between 8th grade parents and their student.



Emily Hittner

Emily Hittner is a PhD student in Human Development and Social Policy. Her research interests are at the intersection of psychology, biology, and well-being across the lifespan. She examines ways in which chronic stress shape stress biology, emotion functioning, and long-term outcomes in education and health. Emily is an avid cyclists and has biked across the country twice. Her upcoming adventures include hiking Kilimanjaro and biking through her 50th state (Alaska).





Jacquelyn Stephens

Jacquelyn Stephens Jacquelyn is a PhD student in the Human Development and Social Policy program. In her research, she takes a lifespan approach to studying the underlying psychobiological processes behind protective and prosocial skills that aid in successful development. Other interests include the transmission of traits from parents to children through genetic and environmental processes and the role of stress in parenting. Outside of the lab, she enjoys cooking, doing yoga, and reading in her hammock.





Lab Coordinator

David Rompilla

David Rompilla

David Rompilla, also known as DJ, is a research coordinator for the Life-span Development Lab at the School of Education and Social Policy. He is generally interested in topics related to emotion, emotion regulation, and motivation. His current goal is to gain a well-rounded understanding of emotion regulation and relevant cognitive and psychophysiological processes. DJ’s most recent projects have explored the possible positives of negative emotions and how people may up-regulate negative emotions (e.g., anger) to facilitate adaptive behavior. Besides research, DJ is very curious about music interests and is constantly exploring his own. Since childhood, he has observed that melodic skate-punk is the type of music he has been most consistently drawn towards.




Undergraduate Research Assistants

Katherine Bae

Katherine Bae

Katherine Bae is a fourth-year undergraduate research assistant pursuing a psychology major and a sociological research minor at Northwestern Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. Her research interests include emotions, interpersonal relationships, and organizational group behaviors at the workplace. When not in lab, you can find Kat at the beautiful Lake Michigan beach.






David Huang

David Huang is a third-year undergraduate studying psychology and Japanese. He is very interested in how the intersections of spheres of life can ultimately impact an individual’s well-being and mental health. In lab, he is working on facial coding and autonomic physiology data. Despite being allergic to cats and dogs, he is irresistibly drawn to them.





Mable Je

Mable Je

Mable Je is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. She is interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of how our emotional processing and regulation can impact specific areas in our lives. Outside of the lab, she enjoy taking jogs on the Chicago lakefront trail.






Jaclyn Pachicano

Jaclyn Pachicano is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Psychology and Latina/o Studies in Weinberg. She is interested in pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on couples counseling. When not in the lab, Jaclyn is attending musicals in Chicago or searching for the perfect taco.





Katie Rim

Katie Rim is a fourth-year undergraduate studying psychology and English literature in Weinberg.  She is considering a career in clinical psychology and is interested to see how developmental and clinical psychology can intersect.  Some random things that she loves are tea, books, baking and musicals!





Olivia Shay

Olivia Shay

Olivia Shay is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Psychology with a minor in Global Health. She is particularly interested in the intersection of health, well-being, and socioeconomic status and plans to pursue a graduate degree in public health. Outside the lab, she loves baking, hiking, and scouting out new coffee shops in Evanston and Chicago.





Julia Thelen

Julia Thelen is a second-year undergraduate student studying Human Development and Psychological Services, planning to attend medical school after Northwestern. She is interested in how social determinants, health, and emotional well-being interact. Outside of lab she enjoys hiking, petting dogs, and finding fun places to eat around Chicago.





Jordyn Ricard

Jordyn Ricard is a first-year undergraduate student studying Human Development and Psychological Services and Global Health. She is planning on pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology after Northwestern. She loves pasta, reading, going for walks.





Isabel Anaya

Isabel Anaya is a first-year undergraduate student studying Human Development and Psychological Services and Health Communications, and planning to attend medical school after Northwestern. She is interested in how couples’ language affects their relationship satisfaction. When not in lab, you can find her on the lake fill with friends or binge watching her latest TV obsession.




Shandon Coffman

Shandon Coffman is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Neuroscience in Weinberg. He is interested in the connections between emotion, motivation, and health behaviors. He plans on attending medical school after graduation. Outside of lab he likes to play sports and is learning to dance hip-hop.





Lizzy Jang

Lizzy Jang is a third-year undergraduate studying Psychology and Biology. Her research interests include how emotions and physiology synchronize between romantic partners and how that can impact marriages. Outside of lab, she enjoys singing, watching Friends, and having deep conversations about life over some tea and cupcakes.





Laura Sevilla

Laura Sevilla is a third-year undergraduate student studying Human Development and Psychological Services in SESP with a minor in Sociology. She is interested in studying emotion in interpersonal relationships as well as gaining a better understanding how systemic inequality can effect individuals’ wellbeing. She is interested in pursuing an MSW and working with refugees and mental health. Outside of lab you can find her running to her favorite donut shops in Chicago or reading a good book.









Former Lab Members:

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Taylor Shelton

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Sarabi Woods

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