Claudia Haase is an Associate Professor of Human Development and Social Policy in the School of Education and Social Policy and (by courtesy) of Psychology, a faculty associate at the Institute of Policy Research, and a faculty affiliate at the Institute for Innovations in Developmental Sciences and the Buffett Institute for Global Studies at Northwestern University. Claudia is the Director of the Life-Span Development Lab.  Claudia’s CV and faculty website.


Graduate Students              

Jacquelyn Stephens is a fifth-year PhD student in Human Development & Social Policy, as well as a fellow in the Society, Biology, and Health (SBH) and DevSci clusters. Her research examines how emotion processes change across the lifespan, highlighting the consequences for health, well-being, and relationship functioning. Specifically, she investigates how stress and negative emotions get “under the skin” to influence health, and how positive emotions might buffer this process. Jacquelyn is a FACS- and SPAFF-certified coder and oversees the lab’s many behavioral coding projects. She enjoys reading fiction and trying new breweries, and is currently engaged in peace talks with her cat. Jacquelyn’s CV and LinkedIn

DJ Rompilla, who’s also known as David, is a second-year PhD student in the Human Development and Social Policy Program, as well as a fellow in the Society, Biology, and Health cluster. DJ is broadly interested in topics related to emotion, emotion regulation, and motivation. His goal is to gain a well-rounded, practical understanding of emotion, how/when it is best regulated or embraced, and its relevant cognitive and psychophysiological processes. DJ’s recent work has explored the possible positives of negative emotions, the pros and cons of different emotion regulation philosophies (e.g., positive reframing, detachment/stoicism, acceptance/mindfulness), and how our emotion regulation abilities translate to general cognitive abilities. Apart from research, DJ loves sports, physical challenges, and learning new creative skills, such as playing and producing music.

Matías Martínez is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Human Development and Social Policy Program and a graduate RA at the Institute for Policy Research. He is interested in contributing to the design of school policies to prevent bullying, and in finding strategies that help children to cope with experiences of peer victimization. He is currently trying to identify abilities, behaviors, and interventions that can buffer the detrimental consequences of school bullying on children’s mental health. Outside research, he enjoys playing sports and cooking Chilean food. | Matía’s Google Scholar


Undergraduate Students

Marcianni Morillo is a fourth-year undergraduate student on the pre-medical track studying Psychology and Global Health. Marcianni is interested in understanding how individuals interact with each other throughout their lifetimes and how particular factors within their environment affect their current motivations and emotions. When not in lab, she enjoys biking and catching up on her favorite TV shows. | Marcianni’s LinkedIn

Jessy Feng Han is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Human Development and Psychological Services and Neuroscience. She is interested in how mentality can be expressed through physiology. She plans to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling after graduation. Outside of lab, she enjoys doing Taekwondo and trying out new restaurants with friends. She is the lab administrator. | Jessy’s LinkedIn

Jamila Wilson is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Neuroscience. She is interested in how emotions are expressed and regulated during times of stress. When not in lab, Jamila loves playing soccer and going into Chicago to explore the city.


Olivia Verbeke is a third-year undergraduate student studying Human Development and Psychological Services. After Northwestern she hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She is interested in studying the relationships between facial expressions and emotions, as well as disordered eating. Outside of school, Olivia enjoys running, discovering new music, and spending time with friends.

 Samantha Watson is a third-year undergraduate student studying Human Development and Psychological Services and Spanish. She hopes to attend medical school in the future. Outside of lab, she loves to dance, engage with community service, and spend time with friends and family. | Sam’s LinkedIn


Mehmet Efe Umit is junior psychology and computer science student from Istanbul, Turkey. He is interested in Jungian/analytical psychology and discovering how the individual psyche can be developed in the pursuit of the quest for wholeness. His end goal is to be a professor of the two disciplines he is studying. Outside the academia, he likes to watch and discuss classic movies, read fantasy and science fiction novels, and follow the most recent updates on politics.

Josha Thomas is a third-year undergraduate student studying economics and psychology. She is interested in how emotion relates to decision-making regarding lifestyle choices, namely, health and fitness. She plans to attend business school after graduation. When not in the lab, she enjoys weight lifting and listening to audiobooks.  


Brianna Costa is a third-year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Communication Studies. She is interested in how emotional regulation impacts interpersonal relationships, particularly within the context of romantic partners. She hopes to attend nursing school after graduation in pursuit of a career as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Outside of school, Bri likes to sing, spend time with friends, and conduct tours for prospective students.

Gary Zhao is a second-year undergraduate student studying Psychology on the pre-medical track. He’s profoundly interested in everything regarding the science behind interpersonal relationships, alongside emotion expression. He’s a huge karaoke lover, so you’ll likely catch him listening to or singing along to Bruno Mars, Lukas Graham, Sam Smith, or Lewis Capaldi on a daily basis. 

Hannah Cohen is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Psychology, Economics, and Entrepreneurship. She is interested in interpersonal relationships and their ties to conflict resolution, empathic accuracy, and mental health. Outside of school, Hannah enjoys running, reading, and hammocking by the lakefill. |Hannah’s LinkedIn


Anika Arora is a third-year undergraduate student studying Psychology and Economics. She is interested in how emotion regulation impacts people’s mental health, and aspires to eventually pursue a career in clinical psychology. Outside of lab Anika enjoys playing soccer and hiking.



Postgraduate Alumni

Claire Yee (Postdoctoral research fellow, Berkeley Psychophysiology Lab, UC Berkeley)

Graduate Alumni

Ryan Svoboda (Quantitative Researcher, Facebook)

Emily Hittner (Director of Research, Hinge)

Undergraduate Alumni

Nathan Moxon (MD candidate, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University)

Deborah Wu (Ph.D. student, Psychology and Brain Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Sophia Magro (Ph.D. student, Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science, University of Minnesota)

Jiaqi Yu (Ph.D. Student, Behavioral Marketing, University of Chicago)

Katherine Bae (Ph. D. candidate, Management & Organizations, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan)

Katie Rim (Ph.D. student, Counseling Psychology, University of Maryland)

Laura Sevilla (Milieu Therapist, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago)

Jaclyn Pachicano (Ph. D. student, Clinical Psychology, Marquette University)

Olivia Shay (Programs Coordinator, Chicago Public Schools)

Lizzy Jang (Research Study Coordinator, All of Us Research Program, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University)

David Huang (Rehabilitation Aide, Athletico)

Madilyn Fisher (Healthcare Consulting Analyst, Huron)

Carlos Belardi (Technical Program Manager, Hireology)

Julia Thelen (Clinical Research Coordinator,  Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University)

Chase Breimeier (Undergraduate Student, Psychological & Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis)

Isabel Anaya  

Jason Levin (Research Coordinator, Clinical Affective Neuroscience Lab, University of Georgia)

Sophie Rodosky (Associate Special Education Teacher, Great Lakes Academy Charter School)

Jordyn Ricard (Research Assistant at the Nock Lab, Harvard University)