Research Project Coordinator (Start: September 1, 2017)
This full-time (37.5 hours per week over 12 months) position involves assistance with planning and implementing a research study on “Promoting Emotion Regulation to Enhance Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults” (funded by the Retirement Research Foundation) at the Life-Span Development Laboratory (Director: Dr. Claudia Haase) in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University. The laboratory/research project manager will organize the Institutional Review Board submission; organize participant recruitment, screening, and scheduling of study sessions; organize measurement development; organize software programming for laboratory-based data collection (e-Prime, Biolab, Qualtrics); assist with data collection including collection of emotion regulation (i.e., physiological, self-report) and cognitive functioning data; supervise and train graduate and undergraduate research assistants to assist with data collection and physiological data processing; supervise cleaning, synthesizing, and merging of emotion, cognition, and questionnaire data; and supervise data management for the project. Effective communication with study participants and research team members and detail-oriented organization under minimal supervision are required. If you have questions about this position, contact Dr. Claudia Haase or apply directly here.

Undergraduate Students
The LDL is looking for passionate, bright, and reliable undergraduate students who are interested in gaining experience in research. Students on the LDL team typically work on one or two aspects within our larger research projects, including assisting with experimental sessions to examine emotion and motivation in individuals and couples of all ages, analyzing physiological data, and coding facial expressions. You can work with us for course credit (i.e., research apprenticeship [SESP 390] or independent study [SESP 399] with Dr. Haase as your advisor) or as a volunteer (minimum of 6 hours per week over 3 quarters; we are happy to accommodate this if you are planning to study abroad). If you are interested in working with us, send your CV (including relevant skills and research experiences) and a 1-page motivation statement to Dr. Claudia Haase.

Graduate Students
If you are interested in working with Dr. Haase as a graduate student in the Human Development and Social Policy program or the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, send your CV (including relevant skills, research experiences, and research interests) to Dr. Claudia Haase.

International Students and Collaborators
If you are thinking about visiting our lab, send your CV (including relevant skills, research experiences, and interests) to Dr. Claudia Haase. We love to work with international students and collaborators who are able to fund their visit.