• Congratulations to Matias Martinez for receiving a 2022-2023 DevSci Fellowship award!
  • Congratulations to Jacquelyn Stephens for successfully defending her dissertation: “All Mixed Up: Correlates of Emotional Complexity Across the Lifespan” (Chair: Claudia Haase; Committee Members: Emma Adam & Yang Qu).
  • Congratulations to Fletcher Prize for Rising Undergraduate Research Star winner Lillian Fu and Fletcher Prize for Excellence in Research Mentorship winner Claudia Haase!
  • Congrats to Malena Otero for having her poster “Positivity Resonance in Friendships, Friendship Satisfaction, and Loneliness: Evidence from a Dyadic Interaction Study” accepted at The Love Consortium conference.
  • Check out the new video for our Emotion Regulation in Late Life Marriages (ELM) study here.
  • New paper on “Positivity resonance in long-term married couples: Multimodal characteristics and consequences for health and longevity” (Wells, Haase, Rothwell, Naugle, Otero, Brown, Lai, Chen, Connelly,  Grimm, Levenson, & Fredrickson)  now in press at Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
  • Congrats to Malena Otero on being selected as a finalist for the Fletcher Prize for Rising Undergraduate Research Star!
  • Congratulations to Jordyn Ricard on getting her manuscript “Genuine and non-genuine smiles in individuals meeting criteria for a clinical high risk syndrome” (Ricard, Gupta, Vargas, Haase, & Mittal) accepted for publication in Early Intervention in Psychiatry!
Drone footage by Mohsin Waraich