• Congrats to Kat Bae for accepting a doctoral position at the University of Michigan.
  • Congrats to all students (David Huang, Jaclyn Pachicano, Olivia Shay, Mable Je, Shandon Coffman, Kat Bae, Katie Rim, Laura Sevilla, and Julia Thelan) who are presenting at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention and who all were awarded the Conference Travel Grant through Northwestern’s Office of Undergraduate Research.
  • Congrats to David Huang, Olivia Shay, Lizzy Jang, and Jordan Richard for winning a Summer Undergraduate Research Grant through Northwestern University.
  • Congrats to Jacquelyn for winning a travel award from the Association for Psychological Science.
  • Congrats to Ryan Svoboda on his PNAS paper showing how a motivational intervention with parents can boost their children’s STEM career pursuits 5 years later.

    Join us on May 22nd at 5pm for a special talk by Laura Carstensen!